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The Process

Our goal with any design is to capture the timeless essence of the game of golf through color, form, and materials. We study the rich visual history of golf artifacts and scour through boxes of new and old flags for visual cues. Every flag starts with an idea, a sketch, and then we paint and stitch up numerous prototypes.

We wash fabrics to achieve a weather-worn texture that becomes the perfect canvas for felt or painted designs and lettering. All designed and stitched in Newport Beach, California where co-founder Scott Richards (of Slightly Choppy fame) designs and leads a small team of artisans. Whether we're adding felt appliqué or hand-stitched patches, hand-screened print, or an intricate zig-zag stitch, we always aim to turn a raw piece of canvas into a work of art. 

The finished result is what we can confidently say are unique works of art and the finest golf flags ever produced. 
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