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Our Story

ARTIFACT GOLF was recently founded this year by three passionate people that want to celebrate the game of golf's rich heritage. Southern California artist and craftsman Scott Richards, collector and antiquities dealer Ryan Carey, and self-described golf course wanderer Nik Kroisi came together to bring a fresh yet refined take on an age-old classic - the golf flag. 

The idea was a throwback – create hand-crafted golf flags that evoke a bygone era that will resonate with today’s passionate golfer.

We can learn a great deal from golf’s history. Golf has always been about the people, the places, and the experiences shared along the way.

With Artifact Golf, we aim to bring authenticity to every hand-crafted piece that we produce. Not a souvenir, but an “artifact” that brings you back to that experience – the one that heightens your passion for the game of golf.

THE ARTIST - Scott Richards

In the salty, industrial boat sheds of Newport Beach, CA you will find the work of Scott Richards, also known as Slightly Choppy. A painter, collector, designer, and surfer, Scott’s work is a culmination of these activities that come to life through his artistic process.
Most recently, Scott has been Creative Director for iconic surf brands while exhibiting his artwork in Los Angeles, New York, Honolulu, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris, and Barcelona galleries.
His work growing Slightly Choppy into a well-known and highly-regarded flag brand lends itself beautifully to Artifact Golf's quest to reinvent golf flags as we currently know them. 

As the co-founder of the popular auction house Golden Age Golf Auctions (formerly Green Jacket Auctions), for the past 15 years Ryan has made a living seeking out, collecting, curating, and selling the great treasures from golf's history. From golf clubs hand-crafted by Old Tom Morris himself to early trophies won by the likes of Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen, Ryan has physically discovered, handled, and collected the very artifacts that define the history of golf. 

This commitment to history is exactly what we're trying to do with Artifact Golf. We seek to cherish the game by honoring those special places in golf, as well as to produce hand-crafted artifacts that evoke an earlier era where craftsmanship trumped convenience. 



Though he claims to have an actual home outside of Boston, if you've ever met Nik (aka The Russian) it was almost certainly on a golf course, and quite possibly nowhere near New England. Nik's extensive travels - the places he's visited and the people he's met along the way - are the heart and soul behind the flags we are producing at Artifact Golf. From the religious-like experience of walking down the 1st fairway at Cypress Point to playing Bethpage Black from the tips on a blistering summer day, every flag we make tells a story. Many of those stories are Nik's - not said in words, but represented in a hand-crafted artifact.

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