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We find ourselves constantly drawn to the actual artifacts that define the history of golf. Unlike so many other sports, the game of golf is so dependent on these physical objects to tell its story – from clubs to balls to tee markers to golf course signage and on and on. There’s something awe inspiring about holding in your hands an antique club crafted by Old Tom Morris himself, or swinging a club once used in countless range sessions by the great Ben Hogan. These artifacts tell a story to each and every person who encounters them.

   [Ben Hogan's 3 iron from 1953] 

The golf world still produces a lot of “things” like logo shirts and plastic ball markers, but how many of them can truly be considered “artifacts?” ARTIFACT GOLF aims to produce artifacts worthy of display in your home, or even to be passed down to your children.

When given the choice between something shiny, new, and mass produced by a machine versus that which is crafted by an artisan, we’ll choose that handmade artifact every time – and we hope you will too.


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